Holiday in sicilian farmhouses

Crisis gives a hard time to all companies and even in tourism there is a presences decrease in the most important tourist summer destinations.  Our region tries to control these negatives numbers thanks to highly quality offers and not too much expensive. In order to fulfill tourists’ requests, which are more and more demanding but with less buying power, it is very important to create customize packages and ad hoc offers.

In the last years, even in 2012, holidays have been reduced: few years ago, tourists had the chance to spend their holiday in a week, but now they look for very short vacations, not more then four days off. Farms seem to be the facilities which can satisfy this kind of demand and, as the numbers  show, they will be chosen by half a million of people for their holiday. Nature, relax (maybe with SPA), excellent and organic food, near to an art city and with a  good price/quality ratio.

These are the plus which make farm holidays  so popular among Italian and foreigner tourists. Here is our selection of the best farms in Sicily, which will offer you a relaxing vacation, surrounded into Sicilian nature.


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