App for tourists. When holiday is 3.0

Canceled flights, unknown strikes, closed restaurants and full hotels. This almost apocalyptic scenario, the nightmare of inexpert tourists seems to disappear thanks to several apps which help travelers  to leave peacefully and, above all, updated. Smartphones, today available in lots of version and prices, give the access to apps and make them always available on the phone, keeping in contact with varied interests.  Also Sicily follows the new trend. Few weeks ago the first free app was launched on the appstores and allow tourists to have a large perspective on services, restaurants, hotels and museum in Taormina. For tireless travellers, the app world creates a wide range of little accessories which help to organize the journey in a easy way.

Google Map opens the list of the most important app for tourists. Who has never used maps to get to an unknown place? With this app  you can use the service everywhere, even if we are far from the pc. Still not sure about your destination? Insert your preferences on Geomidpoint and it will generate your destination according to budget and distance. If you have chosen your target but you want to be prepared about traffic and highways, Traffico Live andAutostrade will be the apps for you: with Traffico you can monitor the traffic in your zone and with Autostrade you can chose the faster route, knowing the cost in advantage. If you have chosen plane, Alert Scioperi Trasporti update you on delays or flights cancellation.

Once you get the destination Gambero Rosso app will suggest you the best restaurant in town and describe carefully the streets, so you can find them easily. During the journey , or when you’re back, apps can help you to create a  diary of journey. Instagram  is the photo app that has created a great social photographers community, with comments, likes and followers. Thanks to Instagram you can post your images, modify them with particular effects and share your favourite places with your friends. Trip Journal can be considered the Moleskine 3.0; with this application you can tell your journey live with notes, photos and sound recs.

Are you ready for leaving? You have not packed, yet and you don’t know what to bring? No worries. Packing Pro helps you to not forget anything and pack the perfect suitcase.

Have a nice holiday. “App friendly”, of course!


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