That magic set called Sicily

Clear waters, amazing views, fine sands, uncontaminated places. Timeless villages, faces marked by the sun and traditions which attract tourists from all around the world. Sicily has always been one of the favorite location for directors and screenwriters for movie and series which gain a large success.

In the first years of XX century, when movie were silent, our magic Island was chosen for several movies, above all  Verga, De Roberto, Pirandello and Sciascia popular novels film transposition. US screenwriters used stories and facts of Mafia phenomenon of the past century, creating great successes as “Salvatore Giuliano” and “Il Padrino”, shot respectively in Castelvetrano (district of Trapani) and Valle d’Agrò (district of Catania).

Neorealist directors have told with the images the difficult period of reconstruction after the Second War World and they have immortalized Sicilian places forever: Rossellini in “Stromboli”, Pietro Germi with “Divorce Italian style”  shot in Catania, Ragusa, Ispica and Visconti’s “Gattopardo” shot in Palermo and Donnafugata. Also  today the Italian and international movie productions focus their work in Sicily, making movies a bit far from the dark topics  which characterized movie about Sicily in the past decades. That’s why our Region becomes the set for funny comedies, positive stories about emigration as in Crialese’s movies, or crime novels among Ragusa baroque’s lanes as in “Commissario Montalbano”, today one of the favorite target for Italian tourists and not.

Sicilian Secrets tour proposes an itinerary of the most representative Sicilian places and most of them inspired directors and screenwriters, creating Italian film masterpieces.


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