Fiumara d’Arte. Contemporary art is open air in Sicily.


Starting a tour in Sicily, as one “Sicilian Secrets” proposes, means to start a journey which will involve several topics. We will delighted by the amazing nature our island offers us, popular all over the world. Furthermore the foreigner dominations which characterised Sicily’s history give the chance to visit archaeological sites and architectural testimonies which making fascinating the encounter with this magic land.

When we add also contemporary artworks available in an open air artistic route, besides of the artworks of the several Sicilians museum, the journey in Sicily gain a particular value.

Una curva gettata alle spalle del tempo

Fiumara d’Arte is a project that could be considered as an “open air contemporary art museum”. It was born to increase the value of few zones not well known between Madonie and Nebrodi mounts.

Artworks, which build this route, are suggestive and majestic and bring the visitor in an dreamy atmosphere. From Santo Stefano di Camastra, in Messina district, following the Tyrrhenian coast we find proper art’s marks: the “Monumento ad un poeta morto”, a sort of window on immensity of sea and sky, and “Una curva gettata alle spalle del vento” by Pietro Schiavocampo that surmounted a hill, breaking the silence. In Castel di Lucio we find the sculpture “Arianna” by Italo Lanfredini , a labyrinth surrounded by mounts and finally the “Muro di Ceramica” created by 40 artists that wind along the street towards Mistretta.


You will go into raptures over Fiumara d’Arte, the artistic path between Messina and Palermo districts, two important sicilian cities which are part of “Sicilian Secrets” tour.

Muro di Ceramica


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