Granita, one of the most typical Sicilian food

graita siciliana

Granita is considered one of the most typical Sicilian food, very appreciated by tourists and Sicilians during summer. Its history is ancient and has lots of particular curiosities.

Granita is a passepartout in regional diet; no matter the time or the meal you’re going to have, granita is a perfect solution for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Besides the most common tastes, available in several bars around Sicily, each province has its typical taste you have to try, as, for example, toasted almond granita of Siracusa’s zone.

There is no granita without the popular brioche, that satisfy the gourmand’s eyes and taste, replaced sometimes with bread that brings  out the freshness and sweetness of this delicacy.

The Arabians created and extended granita in all the Region thanks to the sherbet, an ice and syrup mix conserved in particular structures called nivieri.

During the centuries, local pastry chefs with their mastery have prepared granita in lots of versions, making it as one of typical food we are proud of.

This summer take a look to the bar’s tables during your walks: everybody, locals customers or not, will eating a Sicilian granita.

We have only a recommendation: the calm is another ingredient that make the “granita break” an irresistible moment.


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