Sicilian Secrets Tour through the taste: 3rd stop Palermo and Monreale

Palermo in notturna

The journey carries on…

Are the eyes still closed? Is the fantasy running wild?

So…Let’s go!

Leaving the heart of our beautiful Sicily, we carry on the Sicilian Secrets tour through the north-west toward Palermo, touched by Tyrrhenian Sea with a great variety of places and views. Walking through the city centre, all the past centuries architectural styles are mixed together and streets and back lanes keep the traces of colonizer people which had dominated it.

Between the two main street, via Vittorio Emanuele and via Maqueda, we find Piazza dei Quattro Canti, that take its name for the bevelled corners of its four buildings and characterised for four statues which represent the four seasons.  In the near Piazza Pretoria  we can see the City Hall, Santa Caterina Church and Palazzo dei Normanni, one of the mainPalermo’s palace. We can’t forget San Giovanni degli Eremiti, that is considered with its big red domes and its beautiful garden, theNormanmark ofPalermo.

Besides the artistic beauties, as the amazing Cathedral, it is important to add an unique set…the Vucciria market, the City suggestive food market, that can offer a particular and folkloristic atmosphere, heritage of Arabian sûq (markets) with its unmistakable chatter.

Furthermore the more representative city’s recipes can offer a great variety of tastes and flavours.

If want to have a break, pane e panelle, prepared with chickpea flour, will be perfect for a delicious snack and available in the several stands all around the city. As regards dessert, the cannoli alla ricotta, ice creams and typical Sicilian cakes as the Cassata,  will be your right choice.

Monreale, known for the beautiful Cathedral and Cloister, is another stage of Sicilian Secrets tour and it offers a delicious cooking tradition with meat and seafood recipes, where spicy and sweet tastes are mixed together. We recommend the Timballo di Anelletti and if we have arouse your curiosity, here is the recipe.

…See you at the next stop.


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