L’Infiorata di Noto. Lights e colors in Baroque style

Infiorata di Noto

In the beautiful ancient setting of Noto, between the Chiesa of Monte Vergine and Palazzo of Principe Nicolaci the suggestive artistic-religious event of Infiorata comes to life, followed by lots of tourists all around the world.

Infiorata has ancients origins. Romans played similar representation in honour of goddess Flora, and during the late Renaissance, flower decorations were created for Saints Peter and Paul’s celebrations.

Since 1980 Infiorata lives again in Noto thanks to the collaboration of Genzano’s infioratori and it is the most important event of “Primavera Barocca” cultural Noto’s happening from May the 1st to 27th.

Baroque pageant, one of the unmissable Infiorata’s event, winds through Noto’s streets, giving the chance to enjoy the architectural beauties  this little chest can give, making Noto a place you can not renounce to visit during Sicily’s tours.

Noto is one of the most suggestive Sicilian place: rebuilded after the earthquake of 1693, the city was entirely redesigned according to Baroque Style: the beautiful Cathedral, Palazzo Ducezio, Palazzo Impellizzeri, Palazzo Astuto and Chiesa of Monte Vergine immortalized by the art of Neorealism directors as Zeffirelli, Antonioni, De Sica Rossellini.

Noto pretties itself up, giving to all the tourists fragrances lights and colours which will captivate your senses and will introduce you in this amazing city, yet to be discovered.


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