Sicilian Secrets Tour through the taste: 2nd stop Piazza Armerina and surroundings

Your tour in Sicily carries on!

We start a great journey through Sicilian region, following the ideal route proposed by Sicilian Secrets tour. And, afterC atania, Etna and suggestive Taormina we move into the center of Sicily for being fascinated by the historical-artistic marks of Aidone, with the statue of goddess Morgantina and Roman Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Unesco World Heritage.

Let’s try to image the majesty of this late Roman Villa with a monumental entrance, marble decorative friezes and rooms embellished with colorful and fine mosaics which represents hunting expeditions.

Each part of the Villa shows the mark of the artist make this place so luxurious, narrating facts of that period’s life. Taking the cue of those scenes describing richness, we want to introduce you to the flavors and tastes of Enna’s territory.

We suggest to try a typical Enna’s recipe: the fragrant focaccia, here called guastedda, baked and filled with tuma cheese, salami and bacon. And also the saffron piacentino cheese, with its typical yellow colour with the Pan Dittaino bread.

You want regret!

Waiting for these delicacies, here is the bruschetta, a very simple recipe appreciated everywhere.

See you at the next stop!


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