Stuffed sardines Catania style

Un tipico piatto catanese

Serves 4: – 800 gr (1  3/4 lbs) sardines

– 100 gr (3 1/2 oz) bread with crusts removed

– 100 gr (1 cup) aged pecorino cheese, grated

– Italian parsley

– 00 flour

– maize or sunflower oil

– red wine vinegar

Bone the sardines and soak in vinegar for approximately20 minutes. Dry and lay flat.
Separately, soak the bread in the vinegar. Wring out and mix with the cheese and chopped parsley.
Spread a little of the stuffing on the flesh side of half the sardines. Lie another sardine on the top, forming a kind of sandwich, and seal thoroughly.
Flour and fry in vegetable oil.


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