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cous cous Trapani style

Trapany style cous cous

This fish cous cous it is a traditional and ancient recipe from Trapani, in Western Sicily. It is an arab dish adapted to the territory and the local products. Serves 4: 1octopus 6 mullet 2 snapper 2 bream 2 rose fish 500 gr shellfish, 4 squid 500 gr ripe tomatoes 1 onion 1 garlic …

almond milk

Almond milk, the summer drink!

A solution for hot summer days, boosting you energy? Simple, drink a glass of fresh almond milk, strictly homemade! This tasty drink, contains vitamin E, is a natural antioxidant and is a source of vitamin A, vitamin D, protein, Omega 6, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium; Is also  gluten, …


Lemon sorbet

If you would like a typical Sicilian dessert, follow the  Lemon Sorbet’s recipe below. Serves 4: 500 ml lemon juice 2.5 l …


Jasmine blancmange

Serves 4: 20 jasmine flowers 500 ml full-cream milk 50 g white chocolate 50 g cornflour 100 g sugar Pour the milk …


Almond biscuits

The almond biscuits are a typical Sicilian pastry. A traditional recipe without butter and flour, perfect for tea time or for a …


Chocolate praline with nuts

Chocolate and nuts, two simple ingredients for a traditional Sicilian recipe: chocolate praline with nuts. Ingredients: 500 g (1 lb) 55% chocolate …

Broccoli Affogati

“Drowned” broccoli

During the winter period the “drowned” broccoli are a typical Sicilian side dish that is brought on our table. Serves 4: 1 …